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"If You Don't Tell is a well depicted suspense novel ripe with mystery and regret that will keep readers guessing throughout all 230 pages. Sommers does a nice job of defining each character and giving them depth. If Alana Sommers' introductory novel is any indication of her writing prowess, she'll have a bright literary future."

Jeff Walker, Holy City Sinner

“If You Don’t Tell is an accomplished, engrossing mystery novel that readers will no doubt savor from beginning to end. Alana Sommers’ obvious gift for storytelling has produced a quite remarkable plot, full of complex and intriguing turns. At the same time, she renders the personalities of her characters with an intuitive ease. And equally impressively, this novel has a strong and enduring sense of place, enlivened as it is by fascinating cultural references to the coastal region of the South.”

Nicholas, Palmetto Publishing

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